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Actors Park Min Young, Yeon Woo Jin, and Lee Dong Gun are preparing to say their final goodbye to their drama “Queen for 7 Days.”

Directed by Lee Jung Seob and written by Choi Jin Young, the KBS drama has two episodes left in its run. Park Min Young said, “‘Queen for 7 Days’ was a special production for me. I really wanted to do it well. I spent more time than usual with the script and I worked hard to do my best for every scene and every cut.”

She added, “I am grateful and happy that we could wrap up nicely thanks to the amazing crew and passionate cast. I am happy that I could discover the passion and joy of acting through playing Shin Chae Kyung.”

Yeon Woo Jin said, “The days I spent thinking and worrying about how to portray a character like Lee Yeok were very meaningful times to me. As a process through which I could take stock of my acting once more and try new things, it was a time of challenge. I will treasure these times for which I am grateful as cherished memories and work harder to show a better side of myself in future.”

Lee Dong Gun said, “I am happy and grateful to have met a character like Lee Yoong through ‘Queen for 7 Days.’ We were able to finish safely thanks to the director and the cast and crew, whose passion was hotter than the summer weather. Thank you to all the viewers who have loved and supported ‘Queen for 7 Days’ until now.”

The final episode of “Queen for 7 Days” will air on August 3.

“Queen for 7 Days” airs every Wednesday and Thursday. Watch it on Rakuten Viki!

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