Kim Ji Won Opens Up About Pressure She Felt After The Success Of “Descendants Of The Sun” - gohong01

Kim Ji Won talked about how her past drama “Descendants of the Sun” has made her feel more responsible for her role in the upcoming drama “Fight My Way.”

During the press conference for the drama on May 18, the actress confessed that a lot of thought went into choosing this project, saying, “So many people loved my previous drama ‘Descendants of the Sun’ that I worried about what drama to choose next.”

Kim Ji Won said that since starting new projects is the norm for an actress, she is ready to start from zero again with this drama and added, “I thought that I should focus on doing well for this project and let the past remain as a good memory. My main worry now is how to understand and approach my new character.”

“Fight My way” gives a realistic view on life through characters who do not necessarily meet the high expectations that the society expects nowadays but still manage to pull through in their own unique way.

“Fight My Way” airs every Monday and Tuesday. Watch the latest episode at Viki!

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