WATCH: Angel Jones feels for son, Tony Labrusca, whenever he's bashed online - gohong01

Angel Jones, the mother of young actor Tony Labrusca, is a one-of-a-kind supermom!

This Mother's Day 2019, Mars dedicated a very special episode for moms. While there, Angel talked about Tony's difficult experience dealing with bashers online and how she feels about it as a mother.

According to her, "Honestly, I guess I'll speak about my son who's in showbiz. I think social media is so mean that minsan nakakasakit sila and I wish that people [will be] more kind and more positive. So I think that's what I'd love to wipe away, 'yung pagka-negative ng social media."

Watch celeb moms Angel, Camille Prats, Suzi Abrera, and Wilma Doesnt chat more about their motherhood experiences in the Mars video below:

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