WATCH: Antoinette Taus, nagpapagaling na mula matapos maoperahan dahil sa kagat ng aso - gohong01

Tadtad ng sugat ang aktres na si Antoinette Taus nang makagat siya ng isang aso noong Sabado, March 2, habang nasa isang family wedding sa Baguio.

Antoinette Taus

Sa isang Facebook post, ikinuwento ni Antoinette na na-confine siya dahil sa tinamong kagat sa kanyang kaliwang braso't hita, at kanang dibdib.

Inabot daw ng dalawang oras para matahi ang kanyang sugat.

Sa ngayon, nagpapagaling na ang dating T.G.I.S. star sa mga sugat na natamo mula sa pagkakagat ng aso.

“I don't mean to worry anyone, but I just wanted to give a proper update for those concerned,” ani Antoinette.

“I have some events and meetings lined up this week and I sincerely apologize for not being able to attend to work for now.

“Praying for a speedy recovery and deeply grateful to the amazing doctors and nurses that have been so wonderful in taking care of me since I arrived.”

Sa kaniyang post, nagbigay rin ng paalala si Antoinette sa mga nagpaplanong mag-alaga ng aso.

“For those thinking of getting a dog, I have been told that chow chow's are the number one breed known to be involved dog bite cases.

“I am an animal lover and my natural instincts wouldn't allow me to harm the dog that was attacking me.

“He is perfectly fine. But I am definitely traumatized most especially by the chowchow breed.

Dingdong Dantes, Antoinette Taus react to throwback photo of their T.G.I.S. days

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