Watch: Triple H Makes Long-Awaited Return With “Retro Future” MV - gohong01

Triple H is back with their second mini album “Retro Futurism” and the music video for their new title track “Retro Future”!

This is the unit group’s first comeback in approximately a year after the release of their first title track “365 FRESH.” The members are HyunA and PENTAGON’s Hui and E’Dawn.

“Retro Future” is inspired by retro futurism, which refers to the futurism that grew along with the generation of space exploration in the 1950s and 1960s. The lyrics tells the story of people who create their own youth by finding greatness in old things rather than simply following current trends that change quickly and are accepted by everyone. HyunA and E’Dawn worked on the lyrics while Hui composed the song to create a sophisticated and fresh sound.

The music video of “Retro Future” is a continuation of “365 FRESH” and reflects Triple H’s unique and trendy aesthetics.

Check out the music video below!

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